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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.
TitlesChandim, Ulfgar, Mengha
RaceMallorean Grolim
First AppearanceGuardians of the West

Harakan was a Mallorean Grolim and a Chandim. He was transformed into a hound by Torak to guard Cthol Mishrak, and was later transformed back into a man by Urvon. Beldin describes Harakan as a fawning dog at Urvon's feet. Harakan was sent to murder the Rivan line. He attempted to have Ce'Nedra killed but that led to the death of Arell. Another attempt on the life of Prince Geran resulted in the murder of Brand. Under the identity of Ulfgar he took control of the Bear-Cult to put political and religious pressure on Belgarion to divorce Ce'Nedra.

After he was exposed as the leader of the Bear-Cult, Harakan fled. He later posed as the Dagashi Kabach in an attempt to murder the Emperor Zakath. Even later he returned to Mallorea where he took the name Mengha and posed as the leader of the demon armies tormenting Karanda. At Ashaba he was killed by Velvet when she threw the snake Zith into his face as retribution for his actions as Ulfgar.