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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Hattan was an Algar cattle buyer living in Muros, and an important ally of Polgara during the early years of her efforts to raise Prince Geran I in secret. Having married a Sendarian woman, Layla, he'd become well-established in Muros, where his keen business sense enabled him to always buy up the best cattle.

When Polgara and Geran appeared, having learned that Geran was destined to marry Hattan's daughter Eldara, Hattan quickly deduced Geran's true origins. He not only took it well, he began planning to help Geran live anonymously. It was he who proposed that Geran's first son should be apprenticed to a tradesman so that it would be easier for the family to just pack up and leave if they ever ran into trouble, and indeed, when Davon came along, the boy ended up apprenticed to a tanner. Much to Hattan's delight, his grandson turned out to be an entrepreneur who parlayed his skills with leather into a career as a cobbler.

Hattan lived to see the birth of his great-grandson Alten in 4041. Later that year, the old man was gored to death by a bull.