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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

The Revered Elder Jaharb is chief elder of the Dagashi. He resided at Mount Kahsha. He is described as having smoky, penetrating eyes and an infinitely chilling steady gaze. He had a cold very quiet voice, with a kind of dusty dryness. He is described as ancient, with white hair and an incredibly wrinkled dark face. He spoke slowly, drawing out his words almost as if he were singing them. He wore a yellow robe.

Jaharb resided in a house of huge basalt rocks, and had formidably armed guards.

Jaharb liked that Sadi emloyed Toth (who was uncorruptable) to take two handfuls of coins -- it demonstrated that Sadi's mind was agile.

Jaharb's reputation preceded him, as mentioning his name to Murgos tended to open doors.

"If you're not dealing in slaves, what are you doing here?" the Murgo demanded, taking the packet from him.

"I'm merely doing a favor for my good friend Jaharb, Chief Elder of the Dagashi," Sadi told him.

The Murgo paused in the very act of opening the packet. "Jaharb?" he said a bit apprehensively.

Sadi nodded. "Since I was passing this way anyhow, he asked me to stop by and deliver a message to Agachak, the Hierarch of Rak Urga."

The Murgo swallowed hard and thrust the documents back into Sadi's hands as if they had suddenly grown hot. "On your way, then," he said shortly. -- King of the Murgos