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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Jeebers was the Tolnedran tutor of young Ce'Nedra. He was considered stuffy and officious. He accompanied Ce'Nedra on her flight from Tol Honeth to avoid the Accords of Vo Mimbre under the false notion that she was fleeing for her own safety under the orders of her father, Ran Borune. When he learned the truth Jeebers fled back to Tol Honeth.

It seemed his brush with Imperial displeasure humbled him, and many of his acquaintances found him to be much more pleasant and almost likable afterwards. He was described then as a polite, helpful, skinny, bald scholar. 

He eventually became the librarian at the University at Tol Honeth (King of the Murgos) and settled with the monks at the monastery of Mar Terrin (Rivan Codex). 

"I don't want to study," she cried. "Jeebers is a stuffy idiot, and he bores me. I don't want to sit around talking about history or politics or any of the rest of it. I just want an afternoon to myself." -Queen of Sorcery