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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Kallath was the first emperor of both Melcena and the Angarak.

As was common in the third and fourth millennium after the initial defeat of the Angaraks at the hands of the highly sophisticated Melcenes, the two nations had developed a tradition of exchanging the children of various leaders for certain periods of time. The sons of high-ranking Melcene bureaucrats were sent to Mal Zeth to live with the families of Angarak generals, and the generals' sons were sent to the imperial capital to be raised. The result was a group of young men with cosmopolitanism which later became the norm for the ruling class of the Mallorean Empire.

Kallath was the son of a high-ranking Angarak general who spent some time in the household of the Imperial Minister of Foreign Affairs. He befriend Princess Danera, the only daughter of Emperor Molvan in Melcena. Kallath was recalled at age 18 to Mal Zeth to begin his military career. He rose meteorically through the ranks until he was Governor-General of the District of Rakuth by the time he was 28 and was the youngest man ever elevated to the General Staff. A year later, he wed Princess Danera in Melcene.

After alternating his time in Melcena and Mal Zeth and building power bases in each, after Emperor Molvan died in 3829, he was declared Emperor of Melcena in 3830. There had been others in line for the thone, but most of these had died, frequently under mysterious circumstances.

Kallath journed to Mal Zeth in 3831 to bring the Melcene army to the border of Delchin, where he delibered an ultimatum for the Angarak military governors to swear allegiance to him, as the over-general of the armies of the Angarak.