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Sir Kalten
Pandion Knight

Sir Kalten is a tall blonde-haired, blue-eyed man, a Pandion Knight and one of the principal companions of Sparhawk. Kalten was taken in by Sparhawk's family after his parents were killed. While growing up together, Kalten and Sparhawk became close friends and were more like brothers than anything else. Unlike Sparhawk, Kalten has a very care-free nature and prefers charging into battle rather than thinking things through. Kalten was the one who gave Sparhawk his broken nose when they were, as Kalten says, 'just playing around' as young boys (something Aphrael nearly disassembled him for. )Kalten was never good at speaking the Styric tongue and as such, never got the hang of magic, much to Sephrenia's disappointment—although it turns out he understands more Styric than he can pronounce. He also has a poor head for spelling, even misspelling every letter of his own name.

Kalten from Elenium by coda leia

While normally considered by his friends and enemies to be something of a simpleton, Kalten is much more than he appears. At times, he exhibits cleverness, bordering on brilliance. Still, his inability to grasp simple concepts is baffling at times, but Kalten shrugs it off—he knows he's not too bright, and he doesn't care. By the end of The Tamuli, he is engaged to Alean, one of Ehlana's maids. Originally he is not serious about her, but after being warned off by Mirtai he becomes very protective of her, even to the point where he does not consider a relationship with her, making her do all the seducing. Once he realizes she loves him (though he thinks for a while she is in love with Berit) he is still protective and wishes to marry her despite the class boundary. After she is kidnapped, he goes slightly crazy for a while, but she gets a title when she is rescued and the two are married.

I know, this stupid-looking face of mine is very useful sometimes. -Domes of Fire