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The Kingdom of Cherek was an Alorn kingdom that was the last remenant of the original Kingdom of Aloria, located on the Cherek peninsula at the northwest of the Western Continent. It was also a brother nation to the other three Alorn countries (Algaria, Drasnia and Riva). Its people were known as "Chereks".

The name "Cherek" evolved from its first king, Cherek Bear-Shoulders, using his own name to sign official documents, instead of the name "Aloria". This refusal to use the name Aloria was due to his first three sons, Dras Bull-neck, Algar Fleet-foot and Riva Iron-Grip, founding their own Alorn Kingdoms (Drasnia, Algaria, and Riva).

Cherek was a nation renowned in making ships and controlling the Western seas. Cherek warships were feared by all sea-trading nations in the world, particularly Tolnedra.


The capitol Val Alorn

In large-scale strategic battles with other armies, Chereks formed a tough navy, carrying out off-shore bombardment and ferrying their allies to enemy shorelines. They were well-versed in the art of portage, although Durnik helped refine this to involve less sweating and swearing. The rest of the Chereks formed small, irregular infantry units armed with heavy axes and swords.

Based on the descriptions of the Chereks as wearing furs, having beards and braided hair, being expert sailors and fierce warriors, berserkers and their northern origins, the Cherek nation would seem to be inspired by or equivalent to Vikings.

Random trivia note: Cherek war boats could be powered by oar as well as by the sail. These war boats often had a hold. The Battle of Thull Mardu had some Cherek war boats that had naval artillery (that had comparable range to land siege engines such as catapults). (The types of ships described would put the Cherek war boats equal to English and French war ships between 1300-1500, not "Viking war boats".)