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by Clara Karell

TitlesPandion Squire
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Sparhawk's squire in The Elenium. Kurik has five sons: Khalad (the eldest) serves Sparhawk in a similar role to his father after his death; Talen is Khalad's half-brother, and is first encountered as a street-thief. He is killed by Adus at the climax of The Sapphire Rose and he is avenged by his son, Talen.

Kurik acts as Sparhawk's 'right-hand man,' and is much respected by all who know him (to the point that Martel, one of Sparhawk's greatest enemies, expresses deep regret to hear of his death). While many, especially Sparhawk himself, have expressed the opinion that Kurik would make an ideal Knight, the squire dismisses this out of hand due to his personal obligation to be Sparhawk's squire, a relationship that had begun many generations before between the families. Kurik is quite classist, not having a high opinion of the general intelligence of most nobles.

Physical characteristics[]

Kurik has been described as burly,[1][2], with iron-grey hair,[1] and a well-kept beard.[1] His boots, hose and waistcoat were made out of black leather,[1] with a heavy dagger hanging from his belt,[1] steel cuffs around his wrists[1] and bare arms and shoulders.[1] According to Sparhawk, Kurik was not a handsome man.[1] He has rough, callused hands,[3] and has a gruff-sounding voice.[2]. He assumes a formal mode of speech when he and Sparhawk are not alone.[4]


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