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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

TitlesThe Bowman
RaceAsturian Arend
First AppearanceQueen of Sorcery

Lelldorin of Wildantor was a companion of Belgarion in The Belgariad and featuered in The Malloreon.


Lelldorin was the son of the Baron of Wildantor in Asturian Arendia and also an accomplished archer. Indeed, he is called "The Archer" in most of the prophecies. A loyal friend of Garion, Lelldorin was prone to rash behavior, particularly towards Mimbrate Arends, with whom his people have been fighting for centuries. When he first met Garion he was embroiled in a controversy to assassinate the King of Arendia Korodullin and place the blame on Tolnedran Legions. During their travels he was poisoned in an attack of Algroths and while he was recuperating Garion exposed the plot and kept Lelldorin's involvement silent, saving his brash young friend.

As he recovered, he fell in love with a Mimbrate girl named Ariana, eventually marrying her after kidnapping her, assaulting her brother, a priest of Chaldan, and his cousin Torasin.  Eventually he makes his peace with Mandorallen, a Mimbrate knight of Garion's acquaintance. His friendship with Mandorallan eventually grew so strong that in The Malloreon he raised an army to aid Mandorallen in the liberation of Mandorallen's one true love, almost re-starting the Arendish Civil War. 

No emotion touched him that did not instantly register in his expression, and sincerity shone in his face like a beacon. He was impulsive, extravagant in his declarations, and probably, Garion reluctantly concluded, not overly bright. It was impossible not to like him, however. -Queen of Sorcery