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Below is a list of fictional characters appearing in The Elenium and The Tamuli, fantasy series written by David Eddings.



Makova, the Patriarch of Coombe [in Arcium], was the 'chairman' of the Hierocracy during the Archprelate Cluvonus's incapacitation. As he was Annias's primary "bought and paid for" supporter, Makova tirelessly 'championed' the Primate Annias. When the Church declared a "Crisis of the Faith", Dolmant was asked to chair the deliberations. After Dolmant's assumption of the Archprelacy, it was mentioned that Makova was packed off to a monastery.

Baron Parok[]

An arrogant, despicable man who is one of the lower-tier ringleaders of the Daresian plot, Baron Parok met his demise when the Troll-Gods Kwahj and Ghnomb set him on fire and put him in an eternal time-frame (the "Time that does not move"), where the fire will burn forever.

The Preceptors of the Four Orders of Church Knights[]


Abriel is the Preceptor of the Order of Cyrinic Knights of the Church, and is Sir Bevier's superior. Abriel is the eldest and longest-tenured of the Preceptors; therefore, the other Preceptors frequently defer to him. Killed by Klæl near the end of the tamuli series.


Darrellon is the Preceptor of the Order of Alcione Knights of the Church, and is Sir Tynian's superior. Darrellon is a soft-spoken, rational, and thoughtful man, and his opinion is respected by virtue of his carefully thinking his way through everything.