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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Mal Yaska (possibly derived from the Angarak word for "burning", see Cthrag Yaska) is a major city within the Mallorean Empire. It is the heart of the Church of the Mallorean Grolims, and the seat of power of Urvon, one of the Disciples of Torak.


Following the Cracking of the World during the War of the Gods, the Angarak people retreated from the Sea of the East deeper into the heart of the new continent of Mallorea. Torak, wounded and demoralized, withdrew to his newly-built city of Cthol Mishrak, sequestering himself, his Disciples and a fanatic group of followers along with the stolen Orb of Aldur. Governance of the Angarak race fell naturally into the hands of the military, the only functioning authority as the priesthood floundered in the wake of the devastating defeat.

By the time the Angarak priests recovered, military authority was firmly entrenched at Mal Zeth. Unable to reassert themselves or defeat the triumphant generals, the priesthood retreated to the tip of the Karandese Mountains and established the city of Mal Yaska, a separate centre of power in Mallorea.

After the theft of the Orb, Torak sent the Disciple Urvon to oversee his church's activities at Mal Yaska. There he would stay, protected from the wrath of Beldin by his own power and a bodyguard of Grolim sorcerers. Urvon nevertheless departed when, in the thrall of the Demon Lord Nahaz, he journeyed to Ashaba, leaving the holy city of the Mallorean Grolims in the hands of his Chandim and Temple Guardsmen.


The city was large, certainly, though not nearly so large as Mal Zeth. The walls were high and thick, surmounted by heavy battlements, and the towers rising inside were square and blocky. There was a kind of unrelieved ugliness about it, and it seemed to exude a brooding menace as if the eons of cruelty and blood lust had sunk into its very stones. From somewhere near the center of the city, the telltale black column of smoke rose into the air, and faintly, echoing across the plain with its huddled encampments of tightened refugees, he thought he could hear the sullen iron clang of the gong coming from the Temple of Torak. -- The Demon Lord of Karanda