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The Mallorean-Murgo War was a conflict that broke out between the Angarak kingdoms of Cthol Murgosand the Mallorean Empire.

Sparked by an unsuccessful act of espionage against the Mallorean Emperor Kal Zakath initiated by the Murgo king Taur Urgas, the eastern Angarak forces invaded the western continent by landing forces in Mishrak ac Thull and compelling the forces of Gar og Nadrak to join the Mallorean troops. Meanwhile, a major mobilization of Murgo troops moved north to Rak Goska on the Thull-Murgo border.

Any plans to conduct a campaign against one another were circumvented when a major army comprised of Alorn and other western troops invaded Mishrak ac Thull to distract the Angaraks from the infiltration attempts of GarionBelgarath and Silk who were attempting to reach the sleeping god Torak in Cthol Mishrak.

All three armies converged on Thull Mardu and fought a major and costly battle, the Battle of Thull Mardu. The western forces were able to withdraw after achieving their strategic objectives, aided by a mid-battle switch of allegiances by the Nadrak King Drosta lek Thun who strove to bring his kingdom out from the domination of both the Mallorean Empire and the Grolim priesthood.

Meanwhile, the Murgo and Mallorean forces, who had attempted to push through the troops of Princess Ce'Nedra, were concentrating on each other. Following the defeat of the Murgo High King Taur Urgas the southern Angarak forces were demoralized and withdrew from the field of battle, leading to a long campaign of defeats and the loss of major cities and entire districts to advancing Mallorean forces throughout the following year.

Rak Goska, Rak Cthan and Rak Hagga were all conquered in swift procession, but an attempt to push for Rak Gorut in wintertime was surprisingly thwarted after the new Murgo king Urgit overruled his own army commanders and led reinforcements by ship from Rak Urga to save the besieged city. Earlier attempts by the Mallorean troops to advance through the Great Desert of Araga were foiled by Murgo tactics in holding the high ground and supply superiority.

Grinding to a halt, the Mallorean offensive was further derailed when Kal Zakath, who had personally taken command, withdrew from the field and returned to Mallorea to investigate the rebellions, civil war and rumoured Demon uprisings. Finding these to be true, 'Zakath ordered a major withdrawal of forces from the occupied territories of Cthol Murgos, leaving just sufficient garrison troops to deter a Murgo counteroffensive.

Following the quest of the Child of Light against the rogue Grolim priestess and Child of Dark Zandramas, Emperor Zakath took part in the major conference on the island of Perivor and was a signatory to the Accords of Dal Perivor which included a ceasefire and tentative peace treaty between the Mallorean Empire and Cthol Murgos.