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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Mangaran was an Earl of Asturia, and briefly served as the duchy's de facto leader during the 29th century.

An elderly patriot, he was mortified by the drunken antics of Duke Oldoran, especially after the old man fell under the influence of a Dagashi operative who was attempting to steer Asturia into a ruinous war with Mimbre and Wacune.

Thus, when the sorceress Polgara began conspiring with Countess Asrana to remove Oldoran from power, Mangaran easily joined them. Together with Polgara's father Belgarath and a handful of other conspirators, they staged a fake assassination attempt on the Duke which appeared to completely destroy his already-frail mental health, forcing Asturia's nobility to order that he be relocated somewhere out of the way.

In the wake of this crisis, Mangaran was put in power, allowing him to start correcting many of Oldoran's missteps. Unfortunately, Mangaran's reign was short-lived; he died of natural causes only a few years after taking power. During the ensuing power vacuum, Oldoran's nephew Nerasin managed to overthrow Mangaran's chosen successor, Olburton.