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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Mara wailing, by Geoff Taylor

Mara is the god of the Marags. His totem animal is the bat, as mentioned in The Rivan Codex.

Known as the Weeping God for his long mourning after the Tolnedran massacre of the Marags, Mara nursed a hatred for the Tolnedrans. He stirred the ghosts of his dead people, so that few could ever enter his domain without being driven mad. The exception is the monastery at Mar Terrin, where Tolnedran monks attempt to comfort the spirits of the Marags. This monastery is often referred to in the books as "Tolnedran's Conscience".

Mara has the most constant spiritual presence after the departure of the gods; He is found to be always howling in the ruins of Mar Amon. His mad grief ended with the restoration of the Marags, when Taiba, a descendant of the massacre survivors, was found in the caverns below Rak Cthol.

You will all taste pain and terror for this arrogant despite of me. I will wring the sleep from the minds of these intruders, and they will know the agony and madness I will visit upon them all.
Magician's Gambit