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Marag Invasion of Nyissa
Date c. 1700
Location Nyissa
Result Decisive Nyissan Victory, Complete Marag Retreat
Kingdom of Maragor Kingdom of Nyissa
Commanders and leaders
Nine Matriarchs of Maragor
​Intervening Sorcerers
Belgarath the Sorcerer
Beldin the Sorcerer
Queen Salmissra
Casualties and losses
Very heavy, almost the entire expeditionary force was destroyed Minimal

The Marag Invasion of Nyissa was a major military conflict that occurred between Maragor and Nyissa in the 18th century. It was notable for being a profound failure for Maragor and for alerting the rest of the world to the potency of Nyissan poisons.

The Marag men were not very weighty when it comes to things like military strategy, and they decided to invade Nyissa. A column of Marag troops marched into the jungles. The Nyissans, however, just retreated further back into the jungle. Soon the Marags came upon storehouses filled with food, due to their total stupidity, it did not even occur to them that this may have been a bit too convenient so they therefore ate the food, and got poisoned in their thousands.

This caught the attention of Beldin and Belgarath, and they went to Salmissra and demanded the safe return of the remaining Marags. After threats were made, mainly by Beldin, Salmissra agreed to this and the limping Marag Collumn was lead back to safety by the two Sorcerers.