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The Marags were a race of humans that occupied a small but fertile basin called Maragor adjoining Tolnedra and Algaria. They worshipped the God Mara.

One in every ten births was male, so Marag society was female-dominated and ruled as a Matriarchy, with the men relegated to athletic and adornment roles. Following the death of his wife, Belgarath spent some time here in promiscuous dissolution, before being tracked down by Beldin and coerced into returning.

In their history, the Marag nation declared war on nearby Nyissa but were ultimately defeated by guerilla warfare and the hostile plant-life of that Southern nation.

Marag religion at one point encouraged ritualistic cannibalism, which was suggested as a reason for neighboring Tolnedra to mount an invasion. Many characters indicate it was the large presence of easily-accessible gold which encouraged the avaricious Tolnedrans to declare war.

The Marag-Tolnedran War was one of genocidal extermination, and the Imperial Legion almost wiped out the entire race. Certain commanders were rumored to have sold captive Marags to Nyissan slavers, which accounts for the continuation of the Marag race in places like Rak Cthol, and the presence of Taiba.

The near-eradication of the Marag race plunged the god Mara into despair, and almost triggered another War of the Gods. It is said by Imperial scholars in The Rivan Codex that Mara's wrath is probably only deterred by the expiation of the monks of Mar Terrin.

Maragor is briefly visited in Magician's Gambit where the group pass through Mar Amon and attempt to communicate with Mara to no avail. Mara later appears at the climax of Enchanter's End Game with the other Gods where he threatens to not participate in Durnik's resurrection, citing the extermination of the Marag race as justification. Belgarath informs Mara of Taiba's survival, and the so-called 'Weeping God' is reassured.

Subsequent mentions of Taiba and her husband Relg indicate they have a prodigious amount of children, hinting at Mara's influence to restore the Marag race.