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TitlesFormer Pandion Knight
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

A renegade Pandion Knight, Martel was once a friend of Sparhawk when the two were young. Overcome with desire for power, Martel partook in forbidden Styric rituals and was banished from the Pandion Order. Eventually Martel sided with Emperor Otha and the Elder God Azash.

Aided by his henchmen Adus and Krager, Martel devised numerous schemes designed to thwart Sparhawk and enable Annias's election as leader of the church, Martel and his band retreated to Zemoch, where he was eventually killed by Sparhawk in an honourable duel at the climax of The Sapphire Rose. The two men were evenly matched warriors, but Martel's gaudy new plate armor slowed him down just enough to give Sparkhawk the edge to defeat him. His last act was to ask Sephrenia for a blessing, which he recieved as he died.

Sephrenia and martel by alean1979-d2e1pd4

Martel dies in Sephrenia's arms

Martel's motivations and feelings were often contradictory. He admits working only for money and proclaims he believes in "nothing", and yet is visibly disappointed and upset when Sephrenia refuses him her blessing. He also calls Sparhawk is a brilliant man, all "duty and honour and implacable resolve" and that he would sell his soul to be a man like him. Despite his obvious enmity with Sparhawk and his companions, as he is dying he proclaims it "almost like a formal deathbed. I get to die in the presence of the only two people I've ever really loved" (Sparhawk and Sephrenia). He also seems stricken when he finds out Kurik has been killed, asking Sparhawk to portray his regrets to Aslade. Martel's most notable feature was his snow white hair which was uncommon for his age.