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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Mayaserana I was the first Queen of Arendia after the Battle of Vo Mimbre, and the ancestor and namesake of all the Mayaseranas who followed her. The daughter of Duke Eldallan of Asturia, she was a very pretty but extremely hot-tempered girl.

Her first brush with destiny came in 4866, when she was eight years old, when the sorcerers Belgarath and Polgara came to her father seeking his aid in the upcoming war with the Angaraks. Eldallan made the mistake of insulting Polgara over her loyalty to Wacune. In retaliation, Polgara filled his mind with visions of the burning of Drasnia. This upset young Mayaserana and Polgara relented and comforted the distraught girl.

Some years later, with the Angaraks marching towards Vo Mimbre, Eldallan and his old nemesis, Duke Aldorigen of Mimbre, were forced into an alliance by Polgara, who threatened to take over all of Arendia and declare herself Empress unless they cooperated. The two ultimately agreed to put aside their years of bad blood and fight together in the war, and then afterwards settle their differences once and for all with a duel. The subsequent Battle of Vo Mimbre saw Asturian archers and Mimbrate knights fighting on the same side for the first time in centuries, and Torak was roundly defeated.

Shortly afterwards, Eldallan and Aldorigen had their fateful duel. Neither survived, and Mayaserana became the new Duchess of Asturia, while Korodullin I became the new Duke of Mimbre. Seeking to avoid further generations of pointless bloodshed, the negotiating parties at the Accords of Vo Mimbre decided to force the new duke and duchess to marry each other. Neither Mayaserana nor Korodullin particularly liked this idea, and thus Polgara had them locked away in a room together for several weeks. Evidently, they used that time to work through their differences, and when they emerged, they quickly and enthusiastically married, creating a legally united Arendia and creating a line that would survive into the time of Garion.