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The Duchy of Mimbre is a region of Arendia in The Belgariad and The Malloreon, related fantasy series by David Eddings. Its capital of the city of Vo Mimbre. It is peopled with armored knights and their ladies, all of whom speak in an archaic form (lots of "thee"s and "thou"s), the archaic form of Middle English. The region is at constant war with that of Asturia, if not always officially, and is also marred by the institution of serfdom, which often becomes an issue in The Belgariad.

Mimbrates, particularly the knights, are known for their bravery and skill as heavy cavalry, but also for often demonstrating foolish courage against incomprehensible odds. Mimbrates are often very skilled with swords, maces, axes, pole arms as well as adept with the shield. They have often settled conflicts with a trial-by-arms, whether through jousting (mounting jousting with lances) or sword duels.

Belgarath thinks they are quite dimwitted as a whole, and theorizes that it might have something to do with the weight of the helmets they wear. Mandorallen, the Knight Protector, is from Mimbre, although from the city of Vo Mandor.

Vo Mimbre was the site of the namesake battle, the Battle of Vo Mimbre, where Torak fought the Rivan Warder Brand in an EVENT.


Comparisons to Real History[]

Some have suggested this is very much reminiscent of Arthurian legend, but the code of honor, jousting, and trial by arms are more like French knights/chevaliers of the 12th through 15th centuries.