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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Lord Morin is the Lord High Chamberlain for Ran Borune XXIII. He was described in the Queen of Sorcery as one of the emperor's chamberlains, but we know of no other chamberlains. He was first described as a gray-haired official in a brown mantle but by the time of the Guardians of the West, he had aged considerably. He was still very quietly efficient in his duties -- which had always been his outstanding characteristic. In the King of the Murgos, his hair had gone completely white and it stood out in wisps. He was then described as an old, thin man with waxy transparent skin (as one sees in the very old) and he moved slowly and tottered. He then spoke in a quavering voice. He sighed a great deal, having to put up with a number of Ran Borune's tantrums.

Morin functioned as both a herald, assistant, and newsbringer.

In Endchanters End Game, Morin assists Ran Borune in the garden, when Ran Borune decides to send General Varana to advise Ce'Nedra.