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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

By Ashley Claypool

Naradas was a Grolim sorcerer and servant of Zandramas. Naradas was notable as having completely white eyes.


Naradas was a Grolim archpriest in the temple at Hemil in Darshiva. He had many followers, one of which was Zandramas. When Kal Torak, the God of the Angaraks, was killed, everyone in the temple was left in despair. Much to the sadness of Naradas, Zandramas fled into the forest. Several years later she returned to the temple and sought out Naradas privately. He came out after as the follower of Zandramas.


Naradas aimed to poison Kal Zakath, Emperor of Boundless Mallorea with Thalot, one of the rarest and most deadly poisons in the world. But his plans were soon ruined by Belgarath and Polgara as they cured him using a flower that Garion had made for his cousin Adara.

Being Zandramas' servant, he would do whatever she told him to and set many traps for Belgarion and his companions most of the time involving ways to delay them in their search for Belgarion's son. Naradas tries to delay Belgarath's search for a very important chart by taking hold of the King of Perivor. It was then that Belgarath decided that he had had enough of him and he appointed Sadi to the task of disposing of him. Later that evening Naradas was poisoned and he died almost immediately.