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Nyissan Campaign
Part of Second Invasion of Nyissa
Date Summer 4002
Location Nyissa
Result Decisive Alorn victory, Nyissa is completely destroyed, its population almost wiped out
Kingdom of Riva
Kingdom of Cherek
Kingdom of Drasnia
Kingdom of Algaria
Kingdom of Nyissa
Commanders and leaders
Belgarath the Sorcerer
King Haldar of Cherek
King Radek of Drasnia
King Cho-Ram of Algaria
Queen Salmissra of Nyissa
Casualties and losses
Minimal Very heavy (almost all Nyissans are killed)
The Nyissans have always believed that their jungles would protect them. This time they were wrong. ... ... The Nyissans took to the woods, and we simply burned the woods out from under them.
Belgarath the Sorcerer

After the assassination of King Gorek the Wise of Riva, Belgarath informed and brought together the Alorn Kingdoms to attack Nyissa as punishment. The Alorn Army assembled quickly and therefore got to Nyissa in the dry season. Allowing the Alorns to burn down the forests of Nyissa before the rains came. With ruthless and efficient Tactics, the Nyissans were destroyed, only a few survived. Queen Salmissra, who's real name at the time was Illessa, committed suicide in her Palace is Sthiss Tor, however, tells Belgarath the information he needs, that Zedar and by extension, Torak was behind the assassination.