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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Archduke Otrath is a minor Angarak noble. He is the third cousin of Zakath and therefore was eligible to be crowned an Angarak king. He has a cliff-top ocean view villa estate outside of Melcene. He is described as an unmitigated ass. Yet when true power was shown, he appeared to be a coward.

The Archduke was convinced by Zandramas and Naradas to join their party from Melcene and was coronated at Hemil in Darshiva. Zandramas installed him on an ornate throne in the palace there and left instructions that he be flattered and fawned over.

After The CHOICE, Zakath decided not to shorten the archduke by a head but left him in his estates near the city of Melcene and relocated his wife to Melcene (where she was reported to be a bit scandalous).

Zandramas seemed somewhat taken aback by the sheer violence of her foes’ descent. She held her ground nonetheless, drawing herself up in scornful defiance. Standing behind her, his mouth agape with terror, stood a man in a cheap crown and somewhat shopworn regal robes. His features bore a faint resemblance to those of Zakath, so Garion assumed that he was the Archduke Otrath. -- The Seeress of Kell