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One of the four orders of Church Knights, this order specializes in swordsmanship. Sparhawk, Martel, Vanion, Kalten, Dolmant, and many others are or once were Pandions. Like the other Orders, they have a Styric instructor in the magical arts, a position held by Sephrenia for centuries before her departure at the end of the Elenium, and they work their spells through Aphrael. The Pandions are generally based in Elenia, though they have operations in many places. They are described as the most worldly of the four orders.

The Pandion Order are protectors of the Kingdom of Elenia, and Queen Ehlana. Known for their implacable resolve, a reputation for brutality and martial skill, the Pandions are a feared group. The Preceptor of the Pandion Order at the time of the books is Lord Vanion. Vanion is secretly in love with the Pandion's teacher of the Secrets of Styricum, Lady Sephrenia, and the entire order loves her and calls her their "little mother". The paramount Knight of the Pandions is Sir Sparhawk, main protagonist of both The Elenium and The Tamuli and lifelong pupil of Vanion. Sparhawk is a bleak and foreboding man, possessed of an unearthly calm, and a steadfast devotion to duty. In an Order of expert swordsmen, Sparhawk stands head and shoulders above the rest. It's been said his only equal was the renegade Pandion, Martel. Like all Pandions, Sparhawk wears black lacquered armor, a visored helmet, and carries a heavy shield. The members of the order also wear white/silver surcoats, with the Pandion insignia in the center. The Pandion Knights appeal to the Styric goddessAphrael for their spells.

The Pandions have an independent streak, only marginally hindered by their oaths to follow the commands of a ranking churchman.

The Pandion insignia is an osprey (pandion is part of the Latin for osprey) ,wings outspread holding a spear in its talons