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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

In the Sorceress of Darshiva, in the middle of a hailstorm, the company takes refuge in a hastily vacated house in a Peldane village. They are visited by a very old Grolim, with snowy white hair and a thin, lined face. He had some unpronounceable Grolim name, but Eriond renames him Pelath in the Epilogue of the Seeress of Kell and made him his first disciple. Zakath mentions that he has a sweet disposition and speaks in the language of the Ashabine Oracles or the Mallorean Gospels of the Dals.

Pelath was also given the first prophecy from the New Prophetic Voice.

Pelath prevailed on Zakath to propose to Cyradis (in the Epilogue of The Seeress of Kell)

"’'Behold:' " he read, " 'In the days which shall follow the meeting of the Child of Light and the Child of Dark in the City of Endless Night shall a great despair fall over the Priests of the Dark God, for He shall have been laid low and shall come no more among His people. But lift up thine heart, for thy despair is but the night which shall be banished by the rising of a new sun. For verily I say to thee, Angarak shall have a new birth with the coming of her true god--He who was purposed to lead her since the Beginning of Days. For lo, the Dark God was brought out of nothingness the instant of the EVENT which divided all creation, and was not He who was foreordained to guide and protect Angarak. In the last meeting of the Child of Dark and the Child of Light shall the true God of Angarak be revealed, ye shall render up unto Him your hearts and your devotion. " 'And the course which Angarak shall follow shall be "determined by the CHOICE, and once the CHOICE is made, not be unmade and shall prevail eternally for good or for ill. For harken, two shall stand in the Place Which Is More, but only one shall be chosen. And the Child of Light and the Child of Dark shall surrender up the burden spirits which guide them to the two who shall stand expectation of the CHOICE. And should the CHOICE fall to one hand, the world shall be drowned in darkness, but it fall to the other hand, shall all be bathed in light, that which was ordained since before the beginning of all shall come to pass.

" ‘Abide in hope, therefore, and treat thy fellow creatures and with love, for this is pleasing to the true God, should He prevail and be chosen, He shall bless thee and shall lay but a gentle yoke upon thee.' " The old Grolim lowered the sheet and bowed his head prayerfully. "Thus spoke the voice which filled my heart with joy and banished my despair," he said simply. (The Sorceress of Darshiva)