The Kingdom of Perivor was an island nation located in the Dalasian Protectorates, lying in the Eastern Sea to the southwest of the continent Mallorea and south of the Turim Reef.

Originally inhabited by Dals, Perivor was discovered by an expedition of Mimbrates that, despite the generally poor seakeeping of Mimbrate vessels, managed to sail around southern Cthol Murgos before wrecking on this island. Some Mimbrates wanted to marry with the Dals, but some others wanted to take them as serfs. This led to serfdom being abolished. The Mimbrates established the traditions of their homeland, and as such the culture of their descendants, the Perivorans, was that of Mimbre, blended somewhat with the mystical ways of the Dals. They painted their capital city of Dal Perivor yellow in order to match the yellow stone of Vo Mimbre.