Prala was a Murgo Princess from the House of Cthan. She was about 16 by the events at Korim. She was a lady in waiting, of sorts, to Lady Tamazin of the House of Hagga, the mother of King Urgit of Cthol Murgos. Before Belgarion and his friends were taken to Rak Urga, Prala was the typical submissive Murgo lady; however, once in the presence of strong willed ladies like Polgara and Ce'Nedra, she changed and became much more individual and outspoken, frequently standing up to the men.

She almost forced herself upon Urgit to be his wife. After Urgit left with Belgarion and Prala, on a beach when Urgit finds out about Zakath's trap, she states her intention to marry and as a wedding gift gives the Sword of the Last King of the House of Cthan, King Ad Rak Cthoros, to Urgit as a wedding present. Later, when Prala and Urgit were drawing up the marriage agreements, she forced Urgit to limit himself to one wife, just herself, in a very un-Murgoish style.

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