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Rak Hagga was the capital city of the eastern-most military district of Hagga, a region of Cthol Murgos. It was a large, walled city that lay on the southern shore of Lake Hagga, a large lead-gray expanse.


It was a popular destination for Tolnedran merchants and the Nyissan slave trade (Sadimentioned that he had been there in his youth, and that Rak Hagga has always been the center of the slave trade).

Bu the time of 5370, Taur Urgas had moved his troops up to Rak Hagga, in preparation for war with the Mallorean Empire. Following the Battle of Thull Mardu and the death of Taur Urgas, the Murgo forces were in retreat, and Rak Hagga was one of several key cities captured by Mallorean forces after savage fighting.

Garion and his companions were captured on the Isle of Verkat by General Atesca during their pursuit of Zandramas, and brought to Rak Hagga - Emperor Zakath had adopted it as his headquarters for his ongoing campaign in the Mallorean-Murgo War.

It was also where Naradas attempted to poison the Mallorean Emperor with Thalot. After being cured, Zakath learns from Cyradis the truth about the prophecy and is convinced to return to Mallorea to assist Garion and take his prophesied place in history.