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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Ran Borune XXIII was the twenty-third emperor of the third Borune Dynasty of Tolnedra.

The Belgariad[]

Queen of Sorcery[]

Ran Borune XXIII appeared when Belgarath, Polgara and the others traveled through Tolnedra following the trail of Zedar who had stolen the Orb of Aldur.

When Belgarath and Polgara encountered the Emperor, he was skeptical of who they claim to be. Polgara made one of Ran Borune's canaries sing and eventually talk to prove that they were indeed who they claim to be.

Ce'Nedra, his daughter, interrupted their conversation by demanding to be let out so she could visit the markets.

Later on, when Ce'Nedra ran away in disguise with her tutor, Jeebers, Ran Borune was distraught and sent his legions after her. Her tutor rode back to Tol Honeth to alert the Emperor when he realized that Ce'Nedra was lying.

Castle of Wizardry[]

Ran Borune was angry that Ce'Nedra dares to march a large army of Arends and Sendars through Tolnedra. But Ce'Nedra managed to goad Ran Borune into having a fit, so she could give a speech to the legions, offering them Murgo gold if they will join her in her war against the Angaraks.

The Mallorean[]

Guardians of the West[]

Ran Borune died at the start of the book, in 5378. Belgarion and Ce'Nedra visited him on his deathbed, where he asked to see his wife, Ce'Vanne for the last time.

He died and had adopted General Varana of the Anadiles, to suceed him. At his funeral, Belgarion made a rather threatening speech to the warring houses about Riva's support of the General.

Ran Borune XXIII, Emperor of Tolnedra, was a small, elderly man, quite bald and dressed in a goldcolored mantle. He lounged in a heavy chair beneath a budding grape arbor, feeding small seeds to a bright canary perched on the arm of his chair. - Queen of Sorcery