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The second Emperor of Tolnedra of the first Horbite dynasty, Ran Horb II was widely regarded to be the "greatest Emperor in Tolnedran history".

Exceptionally active on the international stage, his first act was to resolve the Arendish Civil War by allying with the Duchy of Mimbre and destroying Asturia in 3822.

He extended the Tolnedran highway system up through Arendia, linking Camaar to northern Tolnedra. Ran Horb II then granted freedom to the lands north of Arendia, creating the Kingdom of Sendaria in 3827.

Realising that Cherek domination of the seas put trade - lifeblood of the mercantile Tolnedrans - entirely in the hands of a hostile foreign nation, the Emperor continued his road building. The Great North Road linked Muros in Algaria with the causeway to Boktor in Drasnia, which itself was connected to the North Caravan Route into Gar og Nadrak.

Continuing the grand plan of networking the entire continent, Ran Horb II concluded treaties with the remaining non-Alorn neighbours, Nyissa and Cthol Murgos. The South Caravan Route was built linking those Southern nations at the instigation of the Emperor, although it took many lifetimes to complete the roads.

This massive effort of construction and diplomacy directly influenced the formation of every contemporary society on the continent, all thanks to Ran Horb II.