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Reldegen is an Asturian count. He is the Uncle of Lelldorin and the father of Torasin. He has been a friend of Belgarath for years. In his younger years (described in Belgarath the Sorceror), Belgarath described him as "seemed fully intent on going through his life with his rapier half-drawn. Reldegen was sort of what they had in mind when they came up with the term 'hot-head.'" But Belgarath liked him. (We can estimate this around 5340-5343.)

In his older years, he is a tall, slim man who walks with a limp (as a result of taking an arrow to his knee in his youth), and wears a sword even in his own house.

During the quest for the Orb of Aldur Lelldorin suggests that they take refuge in Reldegen's estate (Queen of Sorcery). While at the estate Belgarion learns of the plot to kill King Korodullin.

While the army is marching to Thull Mardu Reldegen, dressed in a rich green doublet and black hose, and, like the rest of the deputation meets with Queen Mayaserana to determine what if anything can be done to end the conflict between Mimbre and Austuria.

According to the Rivan Codex, Reldegen is also Governor-General of Asturia in 5386, and mediates between Emperor Varana of Tolnedra and the Vordues.