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First AppearancePawn of Prophecy

Rundorig was one of Garion's childhood playmates growing up on Faldor's farm. He once played with Garion to reenact the Battle of Vo Mimbre, with wooden swords and pots on their heads, but was injured when Garion somehow channeled his inner destiny and beat Rundorig, playacting as Torak, severely.

Later, Rundorig married Garion's childhood sweetheart Zubrette.

Storyteller by haccan

Rundorig and the other children at Faldor' farm listen to the storyteller.

Ordinarily, since he was the eldest of the children, Rundorig would have been their leader; but because he was an Arend, his sense was a bit limited and he cheerfully deferred to the younger ones.
Pawn of Prophecy