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Sadi SapphireDroplet
TitlesThe Man Who Is No Man, Chief Eunuch, Ussa
First AppearanceQueen of Sorcery

Sadi was the Chief Eunuch of the Palace of Queen Salmissra of Nyissa during the time of Garion. An accomplished apothecary with a large stock of chemicals, drugs, poisons and a very small venomous snake named Zith which he uses to advantage. He is very pragmatic about the murder and poisoning that goes on in the court of Nyissa, but does prefer it when there's less murder. He meets Belgarion and his companions when they first come to Nyissa. Later, he travels to Riva for Belgarion's coronation, and thanks Polgara for transforming the queen into a snake, saying it has made all of their lives in the court much easier.

Sadi was eventually dismissed from his post as the Chief Eunuch due to overstepping certain bounds of who he was allowed to kill. Sariss, a scheming eunuch, had sought the position of Chief Eunuch for himself. Sariss blew "the matter out of proportion" and Sadi fell out of favor with the queen. Sadi helped Belgarion and his companions during the search for the kidnapped Prince Geran, initially by posing as a Nyissan slave trader to help them enter Cthol Murgos, and eventually joining them all the way to Mallorea. He is described in the Prophecy in the Malloreon as "The Man Who Is No Man."

Sadi is very useful between administering various pharmaceuticals to scare, inducing truth or talkativeness, detecting poisons, and a variety of other bad habits (espionage, political maneuvering, causing corruption). He is extremely unemotional, although he isn't mean. Like a cold blooded snake, he views the world coldly, although he needed drugs to relax when dealing with Salmissra in her chamber, which implies that some of his reserve, at least, is from narcotics.

In Endchanters' End Game, Salmissra apologizes to Sadi for giving him a hard time when she was a woman, although she modifies her apology by saying, "not much of course, but just a little".