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Emperor Sarabian

First AppearanceDomes of Fire

Sarabian was Emperor of the Tamul Empire. While most of Sarabian's his government believed him to be a complete incompetent, but he was actually almost frightfully intelligent, and was able to speak Tamul, Elenic, Styric, and Tegan, among other languages.

With the assistance of Ehlana and her escort from Elenia, he overthrows his incompetent Prime Minister, Pondia Subat, places Tamul under martial law, and regains his power from his corrupt officials. He and Queen Ehlana become very good friends, and Ehlana teaches him everything she knows about ruling. He develops a preference for the Elenic costume of doublet and hose, and became fairly proficient with a rapier.

He had nine wives, one from each subservient kingdom in the empire. Those with known names are: Cieronna, from Tamul proper, first wife and mother of the heir to the throne; Elysoun, from the Isle of Valesia, whose customary costume exposes her breasts (she is the closest to him out of all the wives, and it is implied somewhat that they are in love, even with her practicing free love); Liatris, an Atan; Gahenas, from the Isle of Tega; Chacole, from Cygnesa; and Torellia, from Arjuna.

Eventually his wife Chacole instigates a plot against him, but Elysoun, Liatris, and Gahennas, along with Sarabian himself, defeat the assassins she sends.