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Sariss was the late chief eunuch whom Sadi calls a third-rate schemer with no sense of style. He blew matters out of proportion and made accusations to have Sadi ousted from his position as chief eunuch (Sariss had tattled on Sadi since Sadi overstepped most of the guidelines/limits regarding plotting and deceit). Sariss is described as a very fat, crimson silk robed man with rolls of greasy, unhealthy-looking fat dropped from his jowls, and small pig-like eyes. As a typical Nyissan man, his head is shaven. He has a high pitched voice.

Naradas compelled Sariss to change a key document to enable Zandramas to kidnap Geran and quickly move through Nyissa. The original document ordered Nyissan diplomats to Sendaria. However, the altered document allowed for Zandramas to be among the diplomats, and ordered the Nyissan diplomats to give the foreigner every possible assistance in getting to Halberg on the west coast of Cherek. And the document ordered a ship to the Isle of Winds to bring Zandramas back to Nyissa. Sariss also added that Zandramas be escorted to the Murgo border and provided her with maps that she would require.

Sariss affixed Queen Salmissra's seal after altering the document when he was alone.

Queen Salmissra shared a lethal kiss with Sariss for his treason.