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The Seeker is an insectile monster created by the god Azash to hunt down its prey, hence its name. Acording to Sephrenia it " has very little in the way of a brain " but Azash controls the creature so he can think for it. It usually appears cloaked and hooded, occasionally revealing a scorpionlike hand.

It shows a variety of abilities. It can control peoples minds by biting them and thereby injecting its venom. It also apparently has some magical abilities, shown by knocking Kalten off his feet. When it reaches adulthood it can fly, although it no longer has a mouth and cannot eat.

The Seeker is defeated when Sephrenia prematurely advances it to its adult form and it flies off to search fruitlessly for a mate until it dies of starvation.

"At this stage, its outer skin has not yet completely hardened, and it oozes out a kind of ichor from between its segments to protect the skin from contact with the air. It has crab-like claws, and its face is horrible beyond belief." -The Ruby Knight