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The Kingdom of Sendaria was a kingdom west of the Algarian plains, south of the Cherek peninsula, east of the Isle of the Winds, and north of the Duchy of Asturia in the Kingdom of Arendia. It was ruled by King Fulrach and Queen Layla during the time of Garion. The first King of Sendaria, King Fundor the Magnificent, was a turnip cultivator, who hated turnips and wanted to replace them with rutabagas, who was elected by his people after a seven year long election. According to Polgara, he was an intelligent man who managed to drive off the flattering men who came to him for noble titles by asking them to work and farm. This made "a class of noblemen with something irreplaceable: the sense of responsibilities." Sendaria was, before being an independent kingdom, part of Aloria, then of Arendia (as part of the independant Duchy of Wacune, then another independant duchy: the Duchy of Erat under Polgara), then a Tolnedran Province, before finally becoming a Kingdom.

Places in Sendaria[]

Sendaria was completely covered in farmland as the people were a "practical race". One of the most famous farms was Faldor's Farm, at least within the District of Erat. Ten Leagues from there was a village known as Upper Gralt. Winold was a larger town, twenty leagues or so from there was Muros, and forty leagues from there was Camaar. Its capital was simply called Sendar. Other major settlements were: Sulturn, Seline and Darine.

People of Sendaria[]

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A map of Sendaria

I like Sendars. They're a little stuffy sometimes, but I think they're the most decent and sensible people in the world. Their mixed background seems to have purged them of the obsessions that infect other races.
Belgarath the Sorcerer