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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.
TitlesThe Clubfoot
First AppearanceThe Sorceress of Darshiva

Senji is an Alchemist and Sorcerer who Beldin, Belgarath and Garion meet in Melcene during Sorceress of Darshiva after they followed Zandramas' trail there. Senji is a senior member of the faculty of the College of Applied Alchemy at the University of Melcena. He is referred to as 'the Clubfoot' by Cyradis and is around 3900 years old. He leads the sorcerers to a museum where the Sardion once rested and also gives Belgarath an unmutilated copy of the Ashabine Oracles.

Alchemist Melcene- Darshive Cover Japanes 4

Senji graces the cover and the title of this Japanese version of Sorceress of Darshiva aka The Melcene Alchemist

He discovered the Gift of 'the Will and the Word' by accident in the 15th century when he turned lead into gold by shouting at it; because the Melcenes did not believe him, they attempted to prove it by trying to pushing him out the window (trying to determine if (A) he was in fact unkillable, (B) what means he would take to save his life while plummeting toward the paved courtyard, and (C) if it might be possible to discover the secret of flight by giving him no other alternative. Quoted from page 139 of "Sorceress of Darshiva"). While they were carrying out this method, he translocated the assassin high above the Melcene harbour (thus ruining the fishing nets of a local fisherman). Outraged by this affair, he implemented a widespread plague of constipation, releasing his victims only after a personal appeal from the Melcene Emperor himself. After this they accepted his extraordinary gift and left him to himself. Even though he has this gift, his abilities are weak at best, and he chooses to turn it to Alchemy.

Senji has a rusty-sounding voice and is described as a grubby little man. He was bald and smelly.

It is heavily implied that Senji was going to be a follower of Eriond.