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TitlesLittle Mother, Priestess of Aphrael
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Sephrenia is the High Priestess of Aphrael and one of the Thousand of Styricum. She instructed the Pandion Knights in the Secrets of Styricum at the bidding of Aphrael, who sent her there to watch for the coming of Anakha, Sparhawk

She was born in the village of Ylara in the forest of Astel on the Tamuli continent. She was the older sister of an incarnation of Aphrael. Zalasta was also born in the same village and was a few years older than her. They were betrothed, but Aphrael became her priority. This irritated Zalasta, and he soon became infatuated with the idea of getting rid of Aphrael, at least in that incarnation. This led to him rousing a mob of drunken Elene peasants which destroyed Ylara in the hope that Aphrael's current incarnation might be slain.

She gave the rings that bound the Elenian royal house and the house of Sparhawk to the Sparhawk and the monarch of that time, given to her by Aphrael, who had stolen them from Ghwerig.


Throughout the Elenium it is hinted that she and Vanion are in love; this is stated as a fact, rather than hinted at, in The Tamuli and at the end of The Hidden City she and Vanion get married. Upon their marriage the Bhelliom bestows upon them the gift of reversing their ages until both Sephrenia and Vanion look no older than their early twenties.

She is small and described as beautiful with black hair and blue eyes. She is addressed as "little mother" and has no musical talent. She is illiterate by choice, at least in Elenic: she doesn't want to start thinking in Elenic because it might interfere with her magic. She also won't read any Elenic writing because she also thinks that will interfere with her magic.

She was a small, beautiful woman with black hair, snowy skin and deep blue eyes. She wore a white robe of a somewhat finer weave than the homespun she had normally worn in Eosia.

"Hello, little mother," he smiled, saying it as if they had been apart for no more than a week. "You've been well, I trust?" He removed his helmet.

Tolerable, Sparhawk.' Her voice was rich and had that familiar lilt. -Domes of Fire