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Siege of Rheon
Date 5381
Location Rheon, Drasnia
Result Bear-Cultists scattered; Ulfgar captured and revealed to be Harakan
Aloria and Sendaria: * Bear Cultists * Drasnian Pikemen (Drasnian Army)
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
Negligible Heavy n/a

Rheon, in Northeastern Drasnia was one of the strongholds of the Bear-cultists. The remaining Cherek cultists retreated there after Garion and company destroyed their base at Jarviksholm and were bolstered by the forces of the Drasnian and Algaria Bear-cultists.

Initially, the Bear-Cult army was one-and-a-half times the size of Garion's forces. Garion sprung their trap in a ravine and had to resort to sorcery, including illusions of flame and force barriers, but were bailed out by a group of Nadrak mercenary riders, led by Silk and Yarblek.

The forces then proceeded to the city where it was a race between the Drasnian army led by Bear-cultist General Haldar and Hettar to reach them. Durnik suggested saturating the earth with underground water so as to erode the ground below the North wall. Once the ground became mud, Mandorallen's siege engines began a barrage of stones and Yarblek's mercenaries used grappling hooks pulled by teams of horses which brought the walls down.

The forces charged in and each element had been given specific assignments. Bear-cultists were slaughtered with dreadful losses and retreated further into the city and counterattacking. Garion's forces used the next two days to heap obstructions to prevent a counterattack in force.

Hettar and his forces reached the city first, followed by Belgarath who had just come from Mar Terin. The Drasnian Pikemen led by Bear-Cultist General Haldar had been tricked into believing that Garion was holding Porenn hostage, but were bogged down at a quagmire (caused by Polgara and Beldin, who diverted a river into a marshy valley) outside the city. General Brendig with the Sendarian army then arrived.

They then proceeded to lay siege to the final (assumed South) quarter of the city where Garion's forces were able to take down the Bear-Cultists and Garion was able to reach Ulfgar. Eventually Durnik's cudgel cracked sharply across the back of Ulfgar's head. With the fall of Ulfgar, the cult's will to resist broke and most surrendered.

Ulfgar was revealed to be Harakan, a Mallorean Grolim who answered to Urvon.

Eventually all the fanatic resistance collapsed in the southeastern quarter of Rheon and the allied forces were able to round up the demoralized prisoners. Queen Porenn planned to tell them the truth, that the Bear-Cultists were duped into a Mallorean Grolim and then planned to let them go, and planned to catch General Haldar and have him stand trial in Boktor.

(Unfortunately Beldin removed the blindfold of Harakan and Harakan was able to translocate himself and get away.)