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The Grolim Sorchak of Rak Hagga was a priest of the green stripe. He was having a tryst / affair with Chabat and was her protegé. Sorchak and Chabat were having black sabbaths, raising demons, and participating in obscene rites while other Grolims were sleeping. He is described as emaciated, greasy-haired, bulging-eyed and rancid-smelling.

While zealously investigating the contents of Sadi's red leather case, he found Zith's earthenware bottle. After shaking it, he opened it and peered in and was fatally nipped by Zith.

The door to the chamber opened and an emaciated Grolim, black-robed, but with his green-lined hood pushed back, entered the chamber. His black hair was greasy and hung in lank tangles about his shoulders. He had the bulging eyes of a fanatic and there was the acrid odor of a long-unwashed body about him. "It's nearly time, Chabat," he announced in a strident voice.
The King of the Murgos