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TitlesMother of the Race that Died
First AppearanceMagician's Gambit

Taiba is a character in David Eddings' book series The Belgariad and The Malloreon. She is one of the few remaining Marag Slaves left over from the Tolnedrans' genocidal war against them. She is known as "The Mother of the Race that Died" in the Mrin Codex. The party first meet Taiba in the catacombs beneath Rak Cthol in an alcove next to an underground spring. She is close to dying and is given a cloak to keep warm until the party returns. At this point Taiba was obsessed with killing Ctuchik to avenge her two infant daughters who had died under the grolim's knife. They also give her food and a little light. When they do they find that her alcove is buried under tons of rock. Relg is then required to use his divining ability to go through the rocks to reach her and bring her back. Later in The Enchanter's End Game she and Relg get married. Eventually they have several children, including the new 

Relg rescues Taiba

Ulgo Gorim. The god Mara then asks that Taiba and Relg's descendants re-populate Maragor.

She is described as having a scantily clad "lush figure" (which causes Relg initially to stumble).

"We have to leave, but we'll be back. Do you need anything?"

"A little light, maybe." Taiba sighed. "I've lived in the dark all my life. I think I'd like it to be light when I die.

Magician's Gambit