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TitlesPandion Initiate
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Talen is a masterful thief and easily swipes money and possessions from commoners, nobles and knights on a regular basis. He is Kurik's illegitimate son, the result of his father's affair with a young Cimmuran girl, Elys. Talen works for the leader of Cimmura's criminal community, a fat man 

Talan and Danae

Talen and the young princess

called Platime who had apparently been a skilled thief when he wasn't so heavy. Talen is a modest but skilled sketch artist, a talent he has used to help Sparhawk on more than one occasion. At the end of The Sapphire Rose Talen wounded Adus by stabbing him in the kidney from the back then from the front. Later, after Adus had fallen he and Sparhawk killed Adus by driving his own sword through his heart. Princess Danae has decided that Talen shall be her husband. At the end of The Sapphire Rose Kurik's wife, Aslade invited Talen and Elys to live on her farm stating it is what Kurik would have wanted.

Later in life Talen entered training to become a Pandion Knight. He recieved some harsh instruction from Sir Berit. He was eventually chosen as a potential husband by the young princess Danae of Elenia.