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The Tamuls are a race native to the Daresian Continent. They are the ruling race of the continent, with the Atan race serving as their main enforcers and the various other nations being subject to their authority. However, the Tamuls are not very authoritarian, allowing their subject nations to manage their own affairs and economics as well as worship their own gods; as if to counteract that, however, the Tamuls traditionally do not allow members of the other races to have an active role in the government. As a result, affairs in Tamuli are tenuous at the best of times, with racial sentiments and political rebellions occuring regularly. Fortunately, these incidents are typically small and isolated, and so the presence of the Atans is enough to mitigate most any problems and hold the empire together. (It is only when the dissent forms across the whole of the empire and supernatural elements become involved, as during the events in The Tamuli, that the empire truly begins to fall apart.)

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The Tamuls can be distinguished from the other races by their naturally bronzed skin (a trait they share with their biological cousins, the Atans, and one which has prompted some anti-Tamul slurs such as "Godless Yellow Devils"). Some, such as Osagne and Itagne, have a high degree of political skill, although most are highly inferior to the Elene people in this regard. They are also characterized by a sense of racial superiority, which has contributed to the racial tensions of the empire (or did, until Emperor Sarabian began to take a more ecumenical approach and allow "outsiders" into his government), although some, such as Oscagne, are both intelligent and humble enough to both recognize and mock this characteristic.

The Tamuls have a pantheon of gods, but many of them are either agnostic or atheistic and so do not worship them; most of the rest are of such a secular frame of mind that they only worship them sparingly during religious occasions. As a result, the Tamul gods are incredibly weak compared to all other gods and take the form of children, and are shown to act like children and "play" at all times. The Elene god is said to be strongly irritated and annoyed by them, while Cyrgon is said to despise them. (A fact which Aphrael and Sparhawk made use of in The Tamuli while trying to save Sephrenia.)

The Delphae are distant cousins to the Tamuls and Atans, but until recently were believed to only be a myth and were regarded with fear and revulsion. As such, many Tamuls showed fear and suspicion when encountering Delphae.