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This page is written in the in-universe perspective of the "Garion" series' of novels.

Character Info
Full name and title(s)
King of the Murgos
Magician's Gambitenchanters end game
Urgit (assumed son), Tamazin (wife), Dorak Urgas (first-born son, deceased)

Taur Urgas was a king of Cthol Murgos. He was very arrogant, among other things destroying the cups he had used to ensure that no one used them after him, and he was not particularly sane, abusing his wives, foaming at the mouth, and chewing on the furniture when he was angry. He had a particular hatred for Prince Kheldar, who killed one of his sons (revealed to be Dorak Urgas) during a "misunderstanding" with a law enforcement squad. When Kheldar was captured in Magician's Gambit, Taur Urgas imprisoned him in a pit, intending to torture him to death in the morning, but he was rescued during the night by the Ulgo diviner, Relg. Wearing his blood-red mail, he lead the Murgo armies into battle in the Battle of Thull Mardu, where he engaged King Cho-Hag in a personal duel, and was slain.

He was succeeded by one of his younger "sons", Urgit, who buried him head down in an unmarked grave, cut his throat (just to make sure he was dead) and stampeded horses over the spot to hide its location. It was eventually revealed that Urgit was not, in fact, a son of Taur Urgas, but was the product of an adulterous relationship between one of Taur Urgas's wives, the Lady Tamazin, and Prince Kheldar's father.

"Come back!" Taur Urgas wailed, belching blood and curses and digging his fingers into the earth. "Come back!" Then he collapsed facedown in the bloody grass. "Come back and fight, Cho-Hag!" he gasped weakly. - Enchanter's End Game