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The Shining Ones

Author David Eddings
Cover Artist 
CountryUnited States
Language English
PublisherDel Rey Books
Publication date1994
Media typePrint (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages 480 (paperback)
ISBNISBN 0-345-38866-6
Preceded byDomes of Fire
Followed byThe Hidden City

Prince Sparhawk and Queen Ehlana must remain with their retinue of Pandion Knights in the Eastern land of Daresia to assist the beleagured Emperor Sarabian. The rebellion against Sarabian within the walls of the famed pearl-encrusted city of Matherion was defeated. But Sarabian’s enemies will regroup and plan an attack that will be less easily routed. Trolls despoil Atan in the North, and vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghouls and Ogres form a vast conspiracy to take over the Empire. Most disturbing of all are reported sightings of Shining Ones among the hordes. These luminous beings inspire more fear than the rest combined. Queen Ehlana has taken Sarabian in hand and is educating him in ruthless statecraft – her skill in which has always inspired Sparhawk’s admiration. The Pandion Knight meanwhile resurrects the Bhelliom – with Flute’s help (actually, Sparhawk has no idea where it is, but Flute, fortunately, does) – and awaits the arrival of the full complement of Pandion Knights needed for the coming battle. The enemies of the Empire know that possession of the Bhelliom makes Sparhawk as dangerous as any god. But gods are among his foes. The outcome of the conflict is beyond the possibility of prediction… and while Sparhawk defends the far-flung Tamul Empire, he cannot also protect his beautiful Queen.


TheShiningOnesCover3 ShiningOnesCovFr The Shining Ones coverShiningOnes- Polish ShiningOnesTurkish Shining Ones French1 Shining Ones French2 Shining Ones Span Shining Ones PolishShiningLang2 Tamuli 3- Manastone Rose Tamuli 4- Magician of Darkness Shining Ones-GermanShiningLang1