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Ashad, Dahlaine's Dreamer, has his first prophetic dream. He forsees the battle with the Vlagh's warrior-servants in Veltan's domain and an invasion by Outlanders that seem to be religious Trogites. Troubled by these dreams, Dahlaine mobilises his fellow elder gods to prepare for the imminent attack in the land of long summers.

The Treasured One

Treasured one
Author David Eddings
Cover Artist 
CountryUnited States
Language English
Publication date2004
Media typePrint (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages 480 (hardcover)
ISBNISBN 0-446-53226-6
Preceded byThe Elder Gods
Followed byCrystal Gorge

Narasan and Sorgan move their armies to the Domain of Veltan, where they meet Veltan's friend, Omago. Before their arrival, Veltan had given Omago a knife, and Omago invented the spear, even thouigh it had actually been around for a long time. Veltan shows the outlanders his house, which they are shocked to discover is made from one stone. They examine a miniature model of the Domain, and begin to make plans. Omago's wife, Ara, enters, announcing supper is ready, and Jalkan, known for his violent and corrupt nature, suggests she take up prostitution, and Omago hits him. Jalkan attempts to retaliate, but Keselo stops him, and Narasan fires him, ordering Padan to chain him up and throw him in the brig of his flagship, the Victory.