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This article is about the novel in The Dreamers series. For the deities in The Elenium see Younger Gods of Styricum

The Younger Gods

Younger gods
Author David Eddings
Cover Artist 
CountryUnited States
Language English
Publication date2006
Media typePrint (Hardcover, Paperback)
Pages 420 (paperback)
ISBNISBN 0-446-61332-0
Preceded byCrystal Gorge

The end of the 25 eons has arrived. The Elder Gods are getting sleepier and sleepier by the second, but are forced to stay awake and alert as Alcevan. A servant of The Vlagh convinces Aracia to Kill Lillabeth, saying that The 'Wicked Enalla' is trying to usurp Aracia's throne. And by killing Lillabeth, Enalla will be gone too. Aracia, in her insanity, tries to kill Lillabeth only to have it backfire on her. Aracia has ceased to exist.

Meanwhile, Longbow, Omago and others journey to the Wasteland. Omago uses his newly remembered powers to block the Vlagh from the Overmind and order all the bugs out their nest. The Vlagh comes out, as Aracia's copy, and watches as her bug-servants eat the other bugs til there are no more and the Vlagh is all alone. The Vlagh screams out loud, (Omago comments that "It will probably continue on forever") and Longbow is delighted as he had seen the Vlagh suffer, and says that Misty-Water is now avenged.

Because of Aracia's disappearance,Eleria is convinced to be Aracia's replacement,since Balacenia and her can no longer merge due to vast differences. Namely, her time with Pink dolphins. She asked that Misty-Water be resurrected,for her to accept divinity, though.

Later on, we witness Longbow and Misty-Water's mating. Little Eleria, however, is a teensy bit jealous of them.

The story ends with Zelana going to sleep, with Eleria tucking her in and standing guard over her, along with Balacenia.