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The Thulls were the race of Angarak people that inhabited Mishrak ac Thull, one of the Western Angarak kingdoms. Its capital is Thull Mardu and was ruled at the time of Garion by King Gethel, and eventually his son, Nathel.


The word "Thull" was an Old Angarak word meaning "peasant" or "serf", and when Torak ordered the migration to the western continent he believed them to be a separate tribe to the Murgos and Nadraks. As a result, their nation was dysfunctional from the start. While a rudimentary government was set up, the Thulls lived in abject fear of the Grolims, as well as their former masters, the Murgos. As a rule they tended to provide both support to the Murgos and sacrifices for the altar.


Thulls were considered dimwitted, fearful, and generally worthy of being disregarded. They occupied many menial roles, or were otherwise fodder for Grolim sacrifices. Due to the ritual sacrifices typical of the Angarak religion, Thulls often sought a way out of being selected. A typical Thull worked every day of their lives to earn enough money to buy a slave to act as a substitute for sacrifice. Common occupations were farming, the military, or working as porters for wealthy Nadrak or Murgo merchants. Their womenfolk had a reputation for a vast sexual appetite that was explained by pregnancy being one of the few exceptions made to the rule of sacrifice.

The manners of the Thulls tend to be very sullen or dour, due mostly to the continued threat of human sacrifice looming over their heads. Thulls do have a sense of humor though. It is usually expressed as a release against the drudgery of their lives, engaging in childish, good humor that is of an earthy, often obscene nature.

When considering methods to preserve his kingdom, Drosta lek Thun of the Nadraks dismissed an alliance with the Thulls outright.

What does "Thull" mean?

Serf - or maybe peasant. The distinction's a little vague in Angarak society.

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