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Sir Tynian

TitlesChampion of the Alcione Order
First AppearanceThe Diamond Throne

Sir Tynian is an Alcione Knight and one of the principal companions of Sparhawk. Tynian, like Kalten, is carefree and often accuses Sparhawk of 'spoiling their fun' whenever Sparhawk choses an option that does not involve charging headfirst towards the enemy. Tynian is also a bit of a prankster, for example when he first meets Kalten, he shakes his hand with a dead mouse in it. Tynian has some skill at necromancy which becomes vital to Sparhawk and his companions during the events of The Ruby Knight. Sir Tynian is Champion of the Alcione Knights. Like his Alcione brothers, Tynian is known for wearing massive, heavy plate armor, which has the side effect of giving him a massive frame. One of Tynian's quirks is asking his friends if he could make a suggestion whenever he wants to suggest something, which is made into something of a running joke in the Sparhawk universe; when Bhelliom asks Sparhawk the same thing, Ulath accuses Tynian of 'talking to the poor stone in secret'. Tynian's explanation for his politeness is that he was taught to be respectful to his elders. He is a close friend of Kring and Ulath (although he and the latter would never admit to the friendship.)


Tynian and Ulath fireside